SAGOD Print Company stemmed from years of experience working with graphics and large format digital printing, applied to the construction and mounting of fair stands.
All our machines are new. We work with original materials and colors and, therefore, we guarantee maximum quality. If you want you can get a sample and verify the quality of our services.

Nowadays, the advantages of large formats are irreplaceable, whenever we need to cover a large area and use it for branding purposes.
The state of the art equipment that we use for this purpose (Seiko, Mutoh and Summa), as well as the use of original paints and materials guarantee that you will get the best quality that money can buy. Non-original materials and colors have a considerably shorter life span and they do not look well from the very beginning.

Great choice of widths (106,137,160,250,320) and lengths up to 50m.
By welding materials, it is possible to get any size and width of printing.

We offer you large format printing on various materials:

  • Tarpaulin (banner) - Frontlite, backlite
  • mesh
  • matte and shiny foils
  • blueback paper, citylight, poster paper
  • perforated window film (one-way vision)
  • autographics
  • canvas
  • printing and sale of roll ups, promotional stands and pop-ups
  • cutting self-adhesive foils (sign making), as well as cutting off letters and templates
  • lamination on Forex, Plexiglas etc.
  • Stickers
  • 3D letters (lighting and non-lighting)
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